Muriel Jaouich: Tuesday Sittings in Montreal 


Muriel Jaouich is teaching a bilingual meditation class on Tuesdays at studio Presence Meditation from 12:15 to 12:45 pm, at 207 St-Viateur West in the Mile End.


More on Muriel 
Muriel is engaged in a Buddhist practice since 2006. Muriel has attended over thirty silent meditation retreats including a 6 week long retreat. She has completed seven years of Buddhist studies as well as a MBSR training with Jon Kabat-Zinn. Muriel is a first generation Lebanese-Armenian-Canadian, having come from a family directly affected by the Armenian Genocide. At True North Insight, Muriel is under the mentorship of Pascal Auclair & Daryl Lynn Ross. She teaches in hospitals, schools, corporations and other urban settings, helping meditation practitioners integrate mindfulness into daily life. In another life, Muriel has worked at Cisco Systems & VeriSign back in the height of Silicon Valley as well as at UNICEF. She now shares her passion for the Dharma by working for True North Insight. Muriel has a warm and gentle presence. When not teaching meditation, she is pursuing an artistic practice as a painter.