Joining the Circle of Generosity


The Buddha taught that the Dharma is nature -- it belongs to no one and to everyone. True North Insight seeks to be a sangha where all human beings, with no exceptions, can heal, bloom, shine and experience freedom. As we speak, we are waking up to our responsibility to build a sangha that removes all hindrances to this vision -- including in our leadership, our teaching teams, our retreat and class schedules, our communications, and in our registration processes.

The growing attention to equity, inclusion and diversity at TNI might feel unnecessary to you, even excessive. But stop for a moment and think about your experiences at TNI retreats, sittings and events. I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize that the participants as well as the teachers and presenters were very largely white. TNI needs to start listening and paying attention to those who experience systemic exclusion so we stop replicating it in our own organization.

Courageous People of Colour and LGBTQIA sangha members, staff, and board spoke up about harm from what we’ve done and failed to do, and we are listening, understanding, and working on responding skillfully.

In order to become a spiritual home for all human beings, without exception, we’ve committed to:

  1. Hosting a training to help teachers, staff, Board, and retreat managers wake-up to racism, privilege, and learn skillful leadership
  2. Recruiting more POC Board members
  3. Holding our very first People of Colour Retreat (coming October 2019)
  4. Founding a POC sitting group in partnership with a local community organization -- led by Muriel and Dawn.

You can support skillful action and build a more inclusive sangha by giving generously.

Today, I’m asking you to make a meaningful one-time gift of an amount that feels generous to you, or to increase your existing monthly gift by $5, $8, or $14 to support all that TNI is to you, and all it is to become. If you give $27.77/month for 3 years, that is less than $1 a day.

You can support us in one of two way:

  • A $1000 gift can be given in the monthly form of: 12 installments of $83.33/month for 1 year; 24 installments of $41.66/month for 2 years; 36 installments of $27.77/month for 3 years (that is less than $1 a day!)

You can offer your monthly donation by direct withdrawal: Print a donation form and mail it in with a cheque marked "VOID".

Or a monthly online donation can be done via Canada Helps, our secure online service.

  • A one-time payment of $1,000 or more, via check or credit card

Make a one-time donation by printing a donation form and mailing it with your payment to True North Insight P.O. Box 64105, RPO Holland Cross, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4V1

Or make a one-time on-line donation via Canada Helps, our secure online service, or via PayPal.


We also welcome all one-time or monthly donations of any size. 

All donations to True North Insight are eligible for a tax receipt.