Stories of Giving and Receiving



To TNI: I would like to take the time to express my deep gratitude for your openness, kindness and wisdom in the art of accompanying, supporting and nourishing human beings. It's rare that an organization (even a religious or spiritual one) demonstrates humility, flexibility and ethics...and I appreciate this enormously. More precisely, I appreciate your respect for each person on their own path, in their own rhythm, and with their own deep intuition. A big thank you. Metta, H.P.

"The best line I've ever heard about practicing dana is: 'Give so that you have no regrets.' Giving abundantly (whatever this means for each individual) increases the joy in practice—it leaves you feeling free to enjoy the jewels bestowed in a retreat or through weekly sangha gatherings. It is an important part of practice to learn how to match your dana with your life." J.L.

"When TNI offered me a scholarship for the week long residential retreat hosted by Molly and Norman this May, I was over the moon with gratitude. Meditation has become a significant ally in my effort to be at ease with a very serious illness. And financial strain is a constant reality – I'm too ill to work and have not been able to receive any form of disability insurance. Without the scholarship, this budding Buddha would have missed the rich and nourishing experience that the week long offered.

So it is with a very open heart that I say thank you to the kind souls that support this leg of TNI. Know that your generosity is received with deep appreciation." S.R.

"I came to meditation through a bit of a personal tragedy and simply needed help. I had heard back then—it was 1987—that meditation would soothe my spirit somehow. I had no idea how or why it might help, but I thought I would give it a try.  I attended regular classes and started to meditate almost daily, and bit by bit my personal miracle happened. I came HOME. Through subsequent weekend retreats and dharma talks, and over a few years, I learned not to fear my inner self…in fact, I came to realize that I wanted to be "home" more often, and that inside myself was a natural place to reside. After more meditation over the years I realized that as long as I stayed home or close to "home," I was always close to peace and beauty.  I didn't really need to wrestle with anything in the outside environment as I had an inner peace that gave me strength. And, not being entangled with outside events gave me much more ability to see them clearly and work with them.

So, from meditation I have gained a home, a sense of peace, a clearer vision of reality, and a freedom from emotional entanglement. Talk about (personal) power! How sweet it is to feel gentle, calm and truly in charge of myself…at least sometimes! This is no average gift! This is my life and I have no idea how I would have gained this depth without meditation and the Dharma teachings. I would love to be able to offer these teachings to all beings, and so it is a simple, easy step for me to make part of my will out to a Dharma centre such as True North Insight. I thank all meditation centres and Dharma centres that have helped me along this amazing yet simple road." P.P.