The vision of True North Insight sees liberation of heart and mind as innate in all people, no one excluded; we support the inner realization and the outer expression of this reality.


The mission of True North Insight is rooted in Early Buddhist teachings, with openness to other Buddhist traditions. TNI engages Buddhist teachings to serve the healing, thriving and awakening of individuals, communities and the world. The liberation of each one of us is bound up with the liberation of all, and we are committed to evolving as an inclusive Dharma organization. We offer a range of Dharma practices in locales throughout Quebec and Ontario and seek to maintain a standard of integrity, kindness and alignment with Buddhadharma in all we do.


To provide practice environments within which everyone is welcomed with respect and kindness.

To be guided in all endeavors by the ethics of non-harming, the spirit of loving-friendship and compassion, the wisdom of insight, and the truth of liberation.

To engage in compassionate action to address social problems and injustice, maintaining approaches consistent with the Buddha's teaching on love and non-harming.

To work pro-actively to welcome persons from historically disadvantaged and marginalized groups to TNI programs and offerings.

To foster emerging leadership in Dharma practice communities and within the TNI organization, especially encouraging those from under-represented groups.