Board of Directors

Patricia Boushel
Patricia Boushel
is a cultural worker from Montréal. She has worked as a producer and researcher in documentary film both independently and for the National Film Board, a festival producer for POP Montreal, an artist manager, an arts organization director, and a community organizer, notably as an activist translator and language educator. She sits on three boards: as Vice President at ARTEXTE, and as administrator at Innovations en concert and Voie Boréale/True North Insight. She currently coordinates TNI’s prison meditation program and is otherwise mainly interested in conversations that go deep and take time.
Santiago Campero crop
Santiago Campero
Santiago is a native of Mexico City, lived in the US for several years, and eventually moved to Canada in 2016. He was first introduced to meditation and Buddhism in 2010 and over time started regularly attending retreats at the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Massachusetts. Today he continues to practice regularly and is grateful to have found in TNI an organization of like-minded practitioners. As a Board member, Santiago hopes to contribute to sustaining TNI as an organization that allows people to experience meditation in various ways. Santiago is also an academic researcher and professor in sociology and management.
Helen Luu grew up with Buddhism as part of her cultural upbringing, but it was not until 2009 when her meditation journey truly began, initially under the tradition of Thích Nhất Hạnh and later, through vipassana retreats in Canada, the US and Thailand. She especially credits people of colour retreats for the deepening of her commitment to this path and holds deep gratitude for teachers Larry Yang and Gina Sharpe who worked tirelessly to create access for her and many others over the years. She is also grateful for Joseph Goldstein's teachings. Helen believes in the transformative power of this practice for communities of colour and other systemically marginalized communities, and is dedicated to continuing the work of her elders. She would like to give thanks and acknowledge all of the teachers and practitioners who kept this lineage alive for centuries in South/Southeast Asia so that we may now continue to benefit from these teachings. 
Michelle 2019
Michelle Nicholls
is a social worker-therapist living in Toronto. She began exploring secular mindfulness meditation in 2005, as a pathway to spirituality, and to find steadiness in her work-life balance. For the past seven years, Michelle has attended the POC retreats at IMS, which continues to support her in deepening her own practice. Michelle holds Level A and B certificates in Applied Mindfulness Meditation from U of T. Her therapeutic work involves radical acceptance, and compassionate mindfulness-based approaches to counselling individuals and groups.She is truly grateful for the teachings of DaRa Williams, Gina Sharpe, Larry Yang, JoAnna Harper and Joseph Goldstein. Michelle hopes to carry on their vision of inclusion and diversity in the Sangha, through acts of service that will support and sustain the meditation practices for marginalized community members.
Daryl Lynn Ross
Daryl Lynn Ross
is a TNI Guiding teacher. She has deeply engaged in contemplative practices for over 40 years with teachers and mentors from several Buddhist traditions, and practiced Christian spirituality as well. She served for 22 years as University Chaplain at Concordia University in Montreal. Co-founder of TNI and President of the Board, Daryl teaches local groups and intensive courses, mentors and counsels in personal meetings and offers a wide range of retreats. She lives and transmits the Buddhist teachings from the heart with a sensitivity to the unique path of each person.
Josphine 2019.jpg
Josephine Tcheng
is based in Tkaronto / Toronto and works as a community educator within higher education. They have been practicing for just over a decade, growing up with references to the Buddha's teachings. They are interested in supporting the work of the TNI board as a small gesture towards supporting our Sangha more broadly. Josephine holds deep gratitude and heartfelt respect for the teachers: particularly Venerable Bhante Buddharakkhita, Bonnie Duran, Gina Sharpe, and Larry Yang, along with fellow Sangha members, who have generously held space for them alongside many beings, in our collective practice.