Who We Are

Our organization consists of Guiding Teachers, the Board of Directors, the Organizing Committee,  the Advisors to TNI and a network of volunteers.

Our 3-person Organizing Committee takes care of the daily running of the organization. Our Board of Directors meets with the Organizing Committee four times a year to make recommendations on program direction, approve financial decisions, and lend overall guidance and support. Currently there are ten members of the board, and we welcome any expression of interest in serving on the board. Our Advisory Committee is made up of meditation teachers from the US and Canada.  Everyone involved with guiding and administrating TNI has experience with the practice and benefits of insight meditation. 

Our volunteers are the generous and gifted foundation of all TNI efforts. Graphic designers have created TNI’s promotional posters and brochures and designed the website.  Translators volunteer their time to make our website content and all promotional documents bilingual.  We have also had several professional fundraisers give us feedback and guidance.  In addition, a large number of volunteers in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and other cities and towns contribute their time and skills to accomplish many of the daily important tasks in support of the vitality of our organization.



Pascal Auclair

Daryl Lynn Ross

David Schouela


Guiding Teachers

Muriel Ahmarani Jaouich

Pascal Auclair

Roxanne Dault

Bonnie Duran

Jean Esther

Dawn Mauricio

Daryl Lynn Ross

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Board Members

Patricia Boushel

Ekta Hattangady

Michelle Nicholls

Rebecca Ross

Coral Short

Josephine Tcheng


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Past Board Members

Daryl Lynn Ross

Jeff MacNeil

Santiago Campero

Acharya Samaneti

Helen Luu

Dawn Mauricio

Roxanne Dault

David Schouela

Pascal Auclair

Steven Hick

Sandy Gray

Joseph Flanders

Gail Guy

Norman Feldman

Molly Swan


Organizing Committee

Muriel Ahmarani Jaouich

Sarah Fuchs

Bibiana Vera


Advisors to True North Insight

Matthew Flickstein, Founder of The Forest Way

Gil Fronsdal, Founder and primary Teacher, Insight Meditation Center of the Mid-Peninsula

Joseph Goldstein, Co-founder and Guiding Teacher of the Insight Meditation Society

Lynette Monteiro, registered psychologist and Director of Training at the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic, Ottawa

Amita Schmidt, former Resident Teacher of the Insight Meditation Society

Gina Sharpe, Co-founder of New York Insight

Bhante Wimala, Spiritual Director of the Triple Gem Society