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Talks on the practice of meditation help to bring alive the Buddha's teachings of freedom.


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These are the 15 most recent TNI talks. To listen to more True North Insight talks, please go to Dharma Seed.


Instructions, méditation guidée et enseignement

2017-03-21 Pascal Auclair

Finding Our Way Through Loss and Grief to Peace

2017-03-18 Daryl Lynn Ross

Body Scan with Gratitude Reflections - Perth daylong

2017-03-04 Daryl Lynn Ross

Guided Metta Practice, Perth Daylong

2017-03-04 Daryl Lynn Ross

Acceptance, Love and Compassion in Meditation - Perth daylong

2017-03-04 Daryl Lynn Ross

Stories of Insights from Retreat

2017-02-15 Pascal Auclair

Aware of the Alive & Dynamic Nature of Being, Instructions and Guided Meditation

2017-02-15 Pascal Auclair

Histoires de retraite

2017-02-14 Pascal Auclair

Instructions et méditation guidée

2017-02-14 Pascal Auclair

The Integration of Benevolence in One?s Life

2017-02-05 Pascal Auclair

Guided Meditation on Equanimity and Compassion

2017-02-04 Pascal Auclair

The Ways of The Heart

2017-02-04 Pascal Auclair

The Difficult Person: Stories, Poetry and Visualisation on how to Hold Them

2017-02-04 Pascal Auclair

4 Ways to Abide in the Heart

2017-02-04 Pascal Auclair

Loving Body Sweep

2017-02-03 Pascal Auclair