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Talks on the practice of meditation help to bring alive the Buddha's teachings of freedom.


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These are the 15 most recent TNI talks. To listen to more True North Insight talks, please go to Dharma Seed.



Instructions: Equanimity

50875: 2018-06-17 Jill Davey

Guided Meditation: Forgiveness

50874: 2018-06-16 Molly Swan

Dharma Talk: Kindness and Joy for Caregivers

50873: 2018-06-16 Jill Davey

Instructions: The Opportunity For Awareness

50872: 2018-06-16 Molly Swan

Guided Meditation: Metta For Caregivers

50870: 2018-06-15 Jill Davey

Dharma Talk: Kindness and Balance

50869: 2018-06-15 Molly Swan

Dharma Talk: Kindness and Balance

50871: 2018-06-15 Molly Swan

First Day Instructions: Care For Caregivers

50868: 2018-06-15 Jill Davey

Q&A with Pascal Auclair and Jill Davey

50217: 2018-05-17 Pascal Auclair

Dana (Generosity)

50216: 2018-05-17 Roxanne Dault

Appearances: Instructions, Guided Meditation

50215: 2018-05-17 Pascal Auclair

Community Joy, Guided Meditation

50213: 2018-05-16 Jill Davey

Touching the Specific & the Universal

50214: 2018-05-16 Pascal Auclair

Instructions on Vedana

50208: 2018-05-16 Jill Davey

On Thoughts, Instructions & Guided Meditation

50206: 2018-05-15 Pascal Auclair