Sunday Sittings in Montreal 

Information to attend in-person Sunday Sangha gatherings, Sundays at 10:30 to 12:00 at Espace Be Bien-Être, 2240 Beaconsfield Ave. NDG, Montreal. (Autobus #105, 162)

For those who cannot attend in-person, the session will be also held on Zoom at the same time.

In-person attendance of the TNI Sunday Sangha begins Feb 27. Please read this information carefully. These rules are in effect until further notice.


Registration is limited to 12 persons.

All participants must pre-register on Eventbrite. See link below. No one will be admitted on a drop-in basis.

People must be fully vaccinated (2 shots minimum) to register. Proof of vaccination will be requested upon entrance to the building. While inside, participants must wear a medical type face mask. There will be masks on hand if you forget yours.

Please arrive between 10:15 and 10:25. The door will be locked at 10:30. Please do not ring the bell or knock as it will interrupt the session. We’re sorry to have to be so strict, and appreciate your making the effort to help this process be easeful.

When you register, kindly pay a donation, suggested range $10-40. Daryl needs to pay for the rental of the Yoga studio, and this will come out of the teacher dana she receives. If cost is an obstacle, you are still welcome to register.

There are enough cushions - zafus and zabutons (round cushions and square mats) for this size group. In the interest of keeping the possibilities for transmission of illness low, we ask that you bring two clean pillow cases with you to cover the cushions that you will use. In addition to zafus, there are a few back jacks and some bolsters that can be used for support in a kneeling posture. There are no benches available at this time. Feel free to bring your own equipment if you prefer.

There will be some time after the session ends at 12:00 to chat informally with others at the session. We need to be out of the studio by 12:30.

The Eventbrite registration for each Sunday will open on the preceding Monday and will close Saturday night at 9:00 pm. If you attend a session, please wait to sign up again until later in the week, so others have a chance first if they are interested.

We are very excited and happy that we can start being together in person once again!

Please register here.