Meditation Courses 


with Daryl Lynn Ross, Jill Davey and Dawn Mauricio

This partly residential and non-residential 18-month Mentorship Program invites experienced meditation practitioners living in the Toronto and surrounding area (a few applications from other parts of Ontario and Quebec may also be accepted) who have been touched by the Dharma and its transformative nature to deepen understanding and develop skills as a local Dharma leader. We welcome those who are committed to deepening your own practice, are interested in supporting the growth of an inclusive sangha, and wish to share Dharma teachings and meditation practices with individuals or in group settings in your local communities.

The Mentorship Program emphasizes the continuing cultivation of a strong, self-reliant sitting practice in the Insight Meditation (Vipassana) tradition, as well as understanding the teachings of the Buddha. The suttas (Discourses of the Buddha) and personal meditation experience will form the foundation of practice and the basis of offering the teaching. All sessions (except three residential retreats) are non-residential and will be held in Fergus and Toronto.

This training consists of six components:

1) Personal meditation practice & experience
2) The Buddha’s teachings
3) In-depth retreat experience
4) Meditation teaching skills
5) Ethical integrity in one’s own practice and in the teaching role
6) Practicum offering meditation instructions & basic teachings in your community

Upon successful completion of the program and approval of the course teachers, participants will have the skills to lead local sitting groups and daylong retreats.

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