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Living the Heart of Wisdom:
A Study and Practice Program Exploring the Liberating Teachings of the Buddha
taught by Daryl Lynn Ross

This iteration of the Living the Heart of Wisdom Program is a 12-month study and practice program of the Satipatthana Sutta, or Four Foundations of Mindfulness Discourse. It is a course by email, without any specifically designated retreats connected to it and is being offered to a small group of students. The exploration of the teachings and practices will be primarily personal, with monthly skype or phone meetings with Daryl to discuss your practice. Additional email correspondence with Daryl is welcome as an option, and there is a possibility of connecting with another participant to meet in person, by phone or skype on a monthly basis as well, to reflect together on the teachings and practices.

The course is largely based on Matthew Flickstein’s commentaries on the discourse, and draws on commentaries by Joseph Goldstein and Bhikkhu Analayo as well. Intended for those who have at least three years of insight meditation experience and wish to deepen in Dharma practice, it is an invitation to go beyond the beginnings. The program will begin mid-March 2017 and end in March 2018. There will be preliminary teachings available in February for those interested in working with teachings offered as a foundation to the sutta study in past years.

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