Meditation Courses 

Compassion and Wisdom: Meditative Training for Professional Caregivers

A 5-month meditation training program for professional caregivers

with Kristina Bare, Yong Oh and Jill Davey

We invite you to participate in a 5-month meditation training for professional caregivers. Through the program you will be introduced to the four brahma viharas, which are meditative trainings of the heart-mind that cultivate our capacity to be in relationship with self, others and the world in a sustainable and balanced way. During these unprecedented times self-care is needed more than ever. These practices are rooted in Buddhist psychology.

In addition to these classical meditative training, you will also be introduced to Somatic Experiencing techniques and education about the nervous system as a support for self-regulation. The biggest focus will be on the development of a personal meditation practice and how that relates to your work as a caregiver.

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Cost: $950



    • September 18 & 19 - Introduction/loving-kindness
    • October 17 - Compassion
    • November 21 - Sympathetic Joy
    • December 19 - Equanimity
    • January 16, 2022 - Closing

Small Groups

    • October 9
    • November 13
    • December 11