Meditation Courses 

Living the Heart of Wisdom: November 2018 to May 2020
with Daryl Lynn Ross, Co-founder & Guiding Teacher True North Insight,
assisted by Roxanne Dault & Muriel Jaouich

  • 19 months of learning and practicing Buddhist teachings
  • in close communication with a senior teacher
  • in relationship with a community of Dharma friends

Living the Heart of Wisdom is a 19-month study and practice program intended for those who wish to deepen in Dharma practice. It is an invitation to go beyond the beginnings of practice, and includes:

1. Teaching, contemplations and exercises to strengthen the foundations of practice through reflections on your motivations for practice and cultivating qualities such as generosity, ethics, love and compassion and an acceptance of the realities of aging, illness and death.
2. Deep exploration, practice and direct experience of the key discourse of the Buddha, “The Anapanasati Sutta" (Mindfulness While Breathing) as well as other related texts.

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