Mettā/Lovingkindness Retreat


Bonnie Duran

August 13-17, 2023

Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides, QC

$610 / $670 / $730
Deposit: $305


Mettā, as a mental factor, is the unconditional loving-kindness that reaches out to encompass all beings. In Mettā meditation, we learn to be free from the shackles of selfishness that constrict our emotional capacity. During this Mettā/Lovingkindness retreat, we will learn to recite positive phrases toward ourselves and other people. The practice aims to foster a mental state of kindness, love, and compassion. When done regularly, Mettā meditation can help minimize negative emotions toward yourself and others.

We will also learn how Mettā meditation is a form of Samadhi, or concentration practice. Mettā meditation is one of the most popular “calmness” (Samantha) practices. It is a meditation for inducing a profound mental stillness, which, if properly cultivated, can lead on to clear seeing, insights and Jhanas.



Bonnie Duran, Meditation Teacher


Bonnie Duran met the Dharma in 1982 when she sat a month at Kopan Monastery in Nepal and learned Vipassana in Bodh Gaya India. Since then, she has taken teachings from many western teachers including Marcia Rose, Joseph Goldstein, and Jack Kornfield, as well as Thai, Burmese, and Tibetan Monastic teachers. Bonnie is a graduate of the Insight Meditation Society (IMS)/Spirit Rock Meditation Center (SRMC) retreat teacher-training program. She is now a core-teacher of the SRMC Dedicated Practitioners Program and is on the SRMC Guiding Teachers Council. Bonnie teaches long and short retreats at IMS, Spirit Rock and in other communities, and is also involved in Native American spiritual practices and traditions. Bonnie was introduced to the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist tradition through her partner and is now happily studying and practicing in that tradition as well.

She is a contributor to Hilda Gutiérrez Baldoquin book, Dharma, Color and Culture: New Voices in Western Buddhism and has written for the Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Tricycle, and the Turning Wheel.

Dr. Duran is a Professor Emeritus in the Schools of Social Work and Public Health at the University of Washington and is also faculty at the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute. Her academic work is primarily with Tribal, Urban Indian and International Indigenous communities.


Registration Information


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LOCATION: Kio-o, 1905 Chemin 6e Rang, Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides, QC J0T 2J0.

Most of the rooms are double rooms, with shared washrooms. Single rooms are filled on a first come, first served basis.


ARRIVAL TIME: 3:30-5:30 pm, Sunday, August 13. The retreat will conclude by lunch on Thursday, August 17. Everyone is welcome to stay for lunch. The teacher requests that you plan to attend the entire retreat – please arrive on time and stay through the closing talk.

COST: TNI is dedicated to offering affordable rates to all. TNI retreat fees are on a sliding scale basis that allows participants to pay according to individual means. Fees do not include compensation for the teachings, and teachers rely on the generosity of retreatants for a sustainable income. There is an opportunity to offer dana (donations) to the teachers at the end of each retreat. The deposit is included in all of our fees.


Sliding Scale:
$610 - $670 - $730



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Cancellation due to COVID: If TNI cancels this retreat due to COVID, we will offer a full refund to all participants.